[listen] M.I.A. leaks new track “atTENTion”

Bugging celebrities on Twitter can have its benefits.

- Dec 5, 2012

If you can't wait for new music from your favourite artist, harrassing them on Twitter until they relent might be the new waiting patiently. That's just what happened when a group of M.I.A. fans bandied together and convinced her to leak the new song “atTENTion,” streaming below. Sadly, it doesn't continue the return to form that the “COME WALK WITH ME” excerpt promised; it's a wonky statement of purpose that's hindered by the oddly malfunctioning auto-tune she debuted on her ///Y/ LP. Still, the dreamy, plateauing breakdown of sub-bass and textured samples is as pretty as anything she's ever done. Perhaps with a mix and a few tweaks, the final version will be satisfy every M.I.A. camp.

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