[watch/listen] Watch Nautic’s adorable “Fresh Eyes” video and stream their new song “Fixx”


- Dec 4, 2012

Fair warning: Nautic's “Fresh Eyes” video is overpoweringly adorable. Its three glorious minutes of beautiful cat footage that's batting my brain around like a piece of string, nearly preventing me from forming coherent thoughts applesauce. If you can get any more work done today, you're a stronger person than I.

Below the video is a stream of “Fixx,” another song by the band that has us totally captivated. Windswept synths play out strains of Jackson 5's “ABC” that soon become warped by the heat of the soulful, crystalline vocals, occasionally straying from its path to newer lands, but of course. that only makes the journey more eclectic and memorable.


“Fresh Eyes”


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