[listen] Beach Fossils announce new album Clash The Truth, release new song

It's the kind of indie rock song you've been waiting all day for.

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- Dec 4, 2012

On February 19th, Beach Fossils will release their new album Clash The Truth. That's the thoroughly dope cover art above.  Their new track “Careless” combines of their debut's muted lo-fi sensibilities and What A Pleasure's more confident pop propulsion. Dustin Payseur keeps his voice close to a whisper, sounding almost ashamed as he reveals how the secret to success is leaving him broken: “I live my life with no regrets/I feel so careless in my head.” And though he spent the better part of 2012 blowing up with DIIV, Zachary Cole Smith's guitar has an edge here, resolutely twanging through solos as opposed to the cloud-breathing bliss of his solo project's strumming. It's the sound of triumphant anxiety and confident malaise, their usually binding effects transformed into something heavenly and vital.

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