[listen] Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “We No Who U R”

Grim and uncompromising. So, a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds tune.

- Dec 3, 2012

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new album Push The Sky Away is out February 19th, and the title of their first single is“We No Who U R” which, in the context of this song, reads like the last text message you'd receive before get pecked to death by ravens with human bodies. Horrifying and tragic, but you probably did something to deserve it. But that's also the tone of the song itself. This isn't the lascivious Nick Cave of Grinderman or even the fire-breathing prophet of Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!. He's more restrained here, even reflective, grimly crooning away over smokey instrumentation that's dotted with bright tones, like fireflies in a swamp. In true Bad Seeds fashion, they maintain their trademarked literary regality with purpose and maddening mystery, stacking layers of horror and regret and love like mounds of dirt on a grave.

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