Nite Jewel – “P.Y.T.” (Michael Jackson cover)

Can Nite Jewel do right by MJ? Yes.

- Nov 28, 2012

A plus to Nite Jewel's transition from bedroom pop soother to synth chanteuse is that the new genre is better suited for her cover of Michael Jackson's “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).” Her vocals put a gossamer, delicate spin on the sky-scraping funkiness of the original's, but the dynamic instrumentation is what really helps it stand out: A squelching, growling bass provides some compelling range against the higher frequencies found in Jewel's chirps, those classic R&B chimes, and 808s pops. It all comes together for a cover that does right by the original, and demonstrates Nite Jewel's firm understanding of yet another genre.

Nite Jewel - "P.Y.T. (Michael Jackson cover)"

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