[album stream] Memory Tapes, Grace/Confusion

Bedroom pop goes prog-rock.

- Nov 28, 2012

Memory Tapes (aka Dayve Hawk) is not beholden to any genre. Though he was at the forefront of the reemergent “bedroom pop” craze of 2010, when it came to recording his new album Grace/Confusion (out December 4th via Carpark), his mental state wouldn't allow for repetition. In an interview with MTV HIve, Hawk noted that “I was in a place where I was kind of confused and lost in general, in life, and I decided to embrace that and make almost a prog record or something that would usually be fueled by bad judgment.” If it's the responsibility of artists to reveal themselves, Grace/Confusion certainly does that, though dedicated fans may blanche at the lurching prog-rock confessionals which lack any sort of neat, palatable packaging. Most good music serves as some kind of therapy for the artist, though it's rarely this raw and unfettered, occasionally to its detriment. All told, Grace/Confusion is an intriguing six song odyssey through the tumult of anxiety and neurosis, with a cluttered map of Hawk's musical influences as a guide.

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