[listen/video] Mt. Wolf covers Usher’s “Climax”

Desexified and super-sad.

- Nov 14, 2012

Maybe the sex-drenched overtones of Usher's “Climax” overpowered the torrent of sadness wrapped around every note of the singer's voice. Well, Mt. Wolf's cover of the track isn't concerned with making you want to have sex so much as think about the last time you had sex that made you really sad, and think mope about it. Electronic drum pads gently thump like clothes cast out of a third story window, while two guitars wail sadly in different ways, echoing the dischord between a former couple that still shares some very melancholy reverberations. By turning up the dourness, the London band have guided the track to become the full-fledged break-up anthem it always was.

-via Prefix

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