[listen] Mister Lies – “Align”

Apocalyptic house with lots of “YEEEEEAHHHHs”

- Nov 14, 2012

Mister Lies is one of those artists I have lined up to listen to on Spotify but never get to, mostly because I listen to music for a living, so when I get home I put on noise-cancelling headphones for the entire evening. But his last track was utterly sublime, and “Align” follows suit, so I'll probably be listening to both quite a bit from now on. “Align” is house music for the not-too-bright future. On the surface it's full of golden promise, but soon the apocalyptic wails and sewer-churning synths kick in, and you're left wondering what else can be peeled away to reveal a more horrifying interior.

Mowgli is out February 23rd on Lefse.

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