[mp3 roundup #45] The Weeknd, Sufjan Stevens, more…

...such as Toro Y Moi, Cities Aviv and Mykki Blanco

- Nov 9, 2012


The Weeknd – “Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)”

“Sexy, sludgy, and ripe with just the right combination of passion and disdain.”


Sufjan Stevens – “The Star Spangled Banner”

“It makes a strong case for officially updating national anthems every two hundred years, and it doesn’t make me think of the horrors of the Civil War, which is nice.”


Cities Aviv – “Forever”

“Like 'Blue Monday,' 'Forever' is deep personal anguish masquerading as a club banger, both led by a throbbing kick drum and simple synth loops, though 'Forever’s' short length means the dancefloor won’t stay packed for long. Perhaps an 'extended club mix' is in order?”


Toro Y Moi feat. Hodgy Beats – “So Many Details” (remix)

“Chaz Bundick picks up the track’s pace and vitality, steering it intriguingly close to club banger territory, though it’s not any club found outside of a boardwalk in summertime.”


Mykki Blanco – “Kingpinning (Ice Cold)”

“Mykki’s smokey drawl slips comfortably into Brenmar’s fashion party trap beat, regaling you alarmingly explicit tales of consumption and fornication you couldn’t imagine even at your most depraved.”

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