[listen] El Perro Del Mar – “Hold Off The Dawn”

For when the good times just can't end.

- Oct 29, 2012

As long as there are beaches, sun, and Scandinavian people who love these things, Balearic pop like El Perro Del Mar's “Hold Off The Dawn” will forever be a thing. Sarah Assbring attempts to capture a perfect, fleeting moment with bright pop, her urgently smooth vocals hinting at desperation while the percussion laps against it like waves on a boat. If we all open our windows and blast this song, maybe it can repel this silly hurricane. Or maybe it will make the waters along the coast warmer, causing the hurricane to gather strength and transform the entire eastern seaboard into an underwater graveyard. Better not risk it.

Pale Fire is out November 13th via Pale Fire.

El Perro Del Mar - "Hold Off The Dawn"

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