Mac DeMarco – “Ode To Viceroy”

Do you love anything as much as he loves cigarettes?

- Oct 4, 2012

-photo by Laura Lynn Petrick

If cigarettes could still advertise on TV, you'd probably hear Mac DeMarco's “Ode To Viceroy” on a commercial for his beloved cancer stick. Shit, he'd probably give the track to them for free, judging from the dedication seeping out of it. He's an indie rock Joe Camel, transforming a morning smoke into a beautiful, manipulative woman that he can't quit. The brazen glorification of such a dangerous, abhorred product is hilarious and even charming, almost inevitably so when the music's as sunny as it is here. It's an important step forward for DeMarco: He holds off on the silly voices just long enough to confirm that his music is intelligent enough to make us laugh without them, before treating us to one of his demonic slurrings at the end.

Mac DeMarco's 2 will be out October 16th on Captured Tracks. That's soon!

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