Doldrums – “She Is The Wave”

If you're not careful when listening, this picture could be your face. IN REAL LIFE.

- Oct 3, 2012

The great thing about Doldrums is his music's mutability. Each track is different while building upon a foundation of anything goes, and “She Is The Wave” is arguably the most hyperkinetic thing this insane project has ever done. It fits the Doldrums paradigm of being digital age music for people with fiber-optic brain stems and a passing interest in psychedelics, but it's pretty much a hip-hop track, and also a love song, maybe? It's so goddamn joyful. It's like three different pieces of maypole music smashed together and pitched up. Great stuff. Pick up the single on November 6th via Arbutus, with B-side “Dysphonia.”

Doldrums - "She Is The Wave"

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