The D.O.T. (Mike Skinner of The Streets) – “You Never Asked” (feat. Danny Brown)

The dude behind The Streets makes another poor decision.

- Sep 20, 2012

As The Streets, Mike Skinner made two great albums, and then stopped doing that. Seeking redemption and maybe another “Dry Your Eyes Mate,” Skinner retired his seminal UK rap handle, taking up with Rob Harvey from the Music to form The D.O.T., which just released its first tune “You Never Asked,” featuring Danny Brown and vocals from Claire Macguire. And it's not great. Skinner seems to have regressed in his beat construction, the instrumental here lacking anything resembling excitement, and while the Central London hip-hopera dynamic is intriguing, Brown's contemptuous verse doesn't provide a satisfying response to the regretful, self-centred female vocals. Oh well. Maybe And That, The D.O.T.s debut LP out October 22nd, will pick up the slack.

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