Mac DeMarco – “Freaking Out The Neighbourhood”

Indie rock's most charismatic schlub revels/apologizes for who he is.

- Sep 18, 2012

Mac DeMarco is the new golden child of indie rock roguishness. He's a Bluto who plays the guitar instead of smashing it, Spicoli with irony, Ferris Bueller in drag. “Freaking Out The Neighbourhood” is his no-apologies apology for being who he is, a shitstarting roustabout that you can't help but forgive as long the kid in you still has a voice. As with most of the tracks so far from 2 (his new LP out October 16th on Captured Tracks), his delivery is unaffected and sincere, but the bouncy guitar lines bounce like a summer booze cruise at the height of intoxication. Check it out below, as well as out edition of Conversations with Mac.



Conversations: Mac DeMarco |

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