Beck covers Caetano Veloso’s “Michelangelo Antonioni”

One legend pays tribute to another.

- Sep 17, 2012

An alternative music master and the world's only tolerable Scientologist, Beck's been keeping fairly quiet recently, at least in terms of traditionally released music. But he's popped back up with a cover of Brazilian virtuoso Caetano Veloso's “Michelangelo Antonioni,” the legendary film director who holds the record for most vowels in a name. It's nothing short of bewitching any time Beck picks up an acoustic guitar (see Sea Change for excruciating beautiful reference), and his work here is no different. The original song's tropical sound is infused with a dense melancholy, a dire and necessary retreat from the beach where sunny sounds are often falsely conflated with good feelings. Also, is Beck's voice getting better with age? Because damn ya'll. He sounds like a gin-drunk uncle that wears boat shoes and is always lending you life-changing short fiction.

A Tribute to Caetano Veloso is out October 22nd on Universal.

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