MP3 ROUNDUP: Levek, Moons, Death Grips, Twerps, Kanye West & R. Kelly

Top honors this week go to Levek, Death Grips, and more.

- Sep 14, 2012


Levek – “Girl In The Fog”

“Occasionally you’ll hear a plinking synth line, a delicate filter sweep or an upright bass humming approvingly, and they all seem summoned from Levek’s guitar line, the ringleader of this motley crew of gorgeous sound.”

Diiv – “How Long Have You Known” (Moons remix)

“This sounds something composed by a defrosted dark ages Japanese bard who’s been given a laptop with an Internet connection and Logic Pro...Better than the original?”

Twerps – “Work It Out”

“Heartbroken lyrics burst through half spoken, Velvet Underground-y vocals, but goddamn if that bouncing guitar line doesn’t put a smile on your face. It’s as if the band’s just had their heart torn out and been told a gut-busting joke at the same time.”

Death Grips – “@DEATHGRIPZ”

Death Grips - "@DEATHGRIPZ"

“It leaves you with a heightened sense of your own fears and anxieties, and as Death Grips continue to prove, it can be a potent source of catharsis.”

Kanye West – “To The World” (feat. R. Kelly)

“It's My Twisted Dark Fantasy era opulence, and as impressive as Cruel Summer's tracks have been so far, it's something that was missing up to now.”

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