Listen to Questlove’s Beastie Boys Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Demo

Questlove's lunch breaks are more productive than most people's days.

- Aug 14, 2012

What did you during your lunch break today? I roamed around thinking about what I should eat for almost the full hour, before settling on the safe choice of a sandwich. Questlove takes his lunch hours seriously, writing full-blown medleys for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Questlove dropped the demo of his medley in tribute to the recently passed Adam Yauch’s birthday, explaining on his Soundcloud how he went about choosing the songs to represent the path of the band and keep every fan demographic of the band happy. Questlove thinks the demo is, “kinda funny.” I would tend to agree. You can learn more about the process of its creation on the actual Soundcloud page.

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