Dirty Beaches – “Elizabeth’s Theme”

Sparse, crushing, and a little sunny?

- Aug 13, 2012

As part of Kingfisher Bluez's Singles Club, gloomy lo-fi bard Dirty Beaches has released “Elizabeth's Theme,” a sparse yet crushing ballad which would also serve well as the theme for “Angelo Badalamenti's Summer Vacation,” if anyone except me actually thought that was a movie worth making. Alex Zhang's breathy, chilling vocals are replaced by a warmly strummed acoustic guitar and plaintive organs, all nestled in the murk of a broken tape deck. It's the soundtrack of an abandoned Tuscan villa with faded photographs on the walls and faded squatters on the balcony, watching a beautiful sunset through half-closed, joyless eyes. Check out details of the Singles Club here, and maybe buy it if you have $80, cause it looks great.

Dirty Beaches – "Elizabeth's Theme"

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