Recycle Culture – “Minneapolis Belongs to You” (Elite Gymnastics cover)

Recycle Culture makes an Elite Gymnastics track even pupil-swellingly bigger.

- Jul 12, 2012

How many officially sanctioned Elite Gymnastics remixes are there? How many glow sticks are there at an underground rave? If a rave is held on an empty barge, does anyone feel the drop? Where are the raves if a rave doesn't rave rave rave? The answers can only be found on RUIN 4, the duo's merched-out deluxe package which doesn't yet have a final tracklisting. Luckily, Recycle Culture's serotonin-soaked cover of “Minneapolis Belongs To You” made the cut. It's  a ridiculously fun supernova cloud that exhales a dry ice plume of urgent zaps and pulses. If a rave ambulance were called to resuscitate a dying party, this track would serve as the defibrillator. Click here to buy RUIN 4 and get the full experience, which involves listening to the CD front to back in an enormous shirt.

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