Velvet Underground 1967

Andy Warhol-directed 1967 Velvet Underground concert film surfaces on YouTube

Watch the 33 minute film in full and try to spot a teenage Jonathan Richman.

- May 28, 2014

Part of The Velvet Underground's legend is that if you wanted to get the full experience, you kind of had to be there... and not many were (though, as the legend goes, they all started bands). As a result, their influence is well documented, but they aren't well documented. And that makes it extra exciting that The Velvet Underground Live In Boston has surfaced on YouTube. As far as we can tell, it's the only full Velvets set that has been recorded in colour on film.

But the person recording it was their manager/"producer" Andy Warhol. That obviously makes it invaluable as an artistic and cultural document, but not as valuable if you just want to see and hear the band play their now-iconic songs. Warhol spends most of the film's 33 minutes capturing the spirit of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable at the Boston Tea Party with liberal crowd shots, in-camera edits, zooms, pans and post-production audio meddling. So, good luck making out any Velvets classics. But if you look carefully, you might be able to see 16-year-old superfan Jonathan Richman, who would later pay homage to his heroes.

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