[netdump] Daft Punk tease new song in Random Access Memories trailer

The robots keep the hype bush burning, this time in space.

- May 13, 2013

Here's a thought: what if Daft Punk are super into Jesus? My brain has been set to wonder mode by all this new teaser, plus the entire press cycle for Random Access Memories, which is seemingly modelled on the second coming of Christ. Here's the proof: The latest tidbit from the French robot camp takes place on their spaceship (i.e. heaven for us sci-fi freaks), where a copy of R.A.Ms. is cradled and observed reverently like a Wise Man inspecting the Baby Jesus's awesome beauty. Then it's played for a few seconds on a turntable. Not exactly definitive, sure. But I do know two things: that I'd still be very excited for the album's release next Tuesday if Creed had come out of that record (probably more so, actually), and that if Jesus wants anyone to give a shit about his return, he'd better show a teaser ad at Coachella.

While we're on the topic of cool people in space, after the teaser you can watch Col. Chris Hadfield, astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station, performing David Bowie's “Space Oddity” in his office, which is a space station, in space. It's the first music video ever shot entirely outside our planet, and if that can't get this dude a record deal, the music industry may as well give up.

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Unboxed

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