New Music Videos: Gorillaz return with “Saturnz Barz”; Run the Jewels Get Political

Hip hop and trippy visuals take centre stage in our list of the week’s best new videos.

- Mar 24, 2017

Nav – Myself

Nav sits on a Victorian-looking couch in a dimly lit garden as he raps his 2016 hit, “Myself”, in this trippy new video. The video uses visual effects and a hazy filter, increasing the psychedelic vibe as the Canadian rapper extolls the virtues of recreational drug use as well as, you guessed it, himself. It’s clear that director Alex Lill wanted this video to have a very specific atmosphere, and we would say he succeeded.

Run the Jewels – Legend has it

The acclaimed supergroup came back this week with a video for the lead single off their next album, Run the Jewels 3. Showing different versions of the duo in front of a police lineup that slowly begins to melt away in dreamlike fashion, the video is at once surreal and socially conscious: also showing mass incarceration statistics over top of shots from inside a prison. As the group put it in a Facebook post, “This video is a worst nightmare scenario. High on acid and caught in the system. Pitted against icons of innocence in a police lineup that doesn't feel real.”

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz

Gorillaz came back with a bang yesterday, announcing a new album, Humanz, as well as releasing four songs: “Saturnz Barz,” “Ascension,” “Andromeda” and “We’ve Got The Power.” All of the songs were released with visuals, and “Saturnz Barz” is definitely the best of the group. Practically a short film, the video opens up with two music-less minutes (showing the animated group finding a dilapidated house) before the song starts and things get weird. A lot happens, Russel and Noodle encounter monsters in the house while 2-D and Murdoc visit outer space: the former plays golf on an asteroid, the latter just floats around naked. Like we said, things get weird. Check out the 360 version of the video here, and the regular below.

Perfume Genius – Slip Away

Following the theme of strangeness, we have "Slip Away" from the Seattle-based Perfume Genius. Showing the singer dancing with a partner on a fairy tale-like landscape and eating peaches before the pair are chased by some clowns, “Slip Away” may be unlike any of our previous picks in terms of its music, but it's just as weird. We like how the music corresponds with the video at times, with swelling instrumentation to match a lighting change at the 1:00 mark, and an explosion of sound when the singer’s partner kicks a clown at 2:18. The ambiguous ending also begs the question: what exactly just happened?

Prozzak - Love Me Tinder

Rounding out our list of videos is another oddball, "Love Me Tinder" by the enigmatic Toronto-based pop rockers Prozzak. Following the animated duo of Miles and Simon, who star in all of the group's videos, the video is a humorous reflection of the song. While the lyrics describe Simon's mixed feelings about his continued use of Tinder, the video shows us the fallout of his meeting with a Tinder match: she appears to kidnap his cat. Simon texts Miles, who embarks on a long trek to Hollywood and attempts to track down the cat. While there's a bit more of a plot to this video, it's no less strange. This one also leaves us with a question - why didn't Simon go searching for his cat too?

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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