Sebastien Tellier Aller vers le soleil music video

Sebastien Tellier holidays in Sandals Jonestown for the culty “Aller vers le soleil”

The French electro-pop artist takes some well-deserved down time.

- Jun 10, 2014

Crabs are the animal kingdom's narcs. They informed the LAPD when 2Pac was leaving the Tyson fight. Scientists have proven that any time we tell on someone,  it activates our ancestral crustacean genes. This new Sebastien Tellier video, you know it's taking you to a different world when it opens with a crab holding a joint the size of its delicious legs. Ruda Cabral arranges lots of weird and lovely set pieces in "Aller vers le soleil"'s range of breathtaking tropical scenery. Plus Sebastien himself wanders the dunes, jungles and everything else, looking like a fashion week Jesus.

Sebastien Tellier's new album L'Aventura is out July 14 via Record Makers; pre-order it here.
Sebastien Tellier - Aller vers le soleil (Official Video)

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