Blood Orange You're Not Good Enough Music Video

Blood Orange dances real good in the Gia Coppola-directed “You’re Not Good Enough” music video

Good moves for an emotional tune.

- Jun 9, 2014

Last week Dev Hynes gave us a track from his new Blood Orange project, the soundtrack to Gia Coppola's new film Palo Alto. It made me think a lot about what being on that film's set would be like. The strongest image I came up with was a wooden bowl of lavender scented cocaine. Now Hynes and Copolla are returning for another collaboration; this time it's a music video for "You're Not Good Enough," from Dev's last album Cupid Deluxe, directed by Coppola.

Dev and his all-white suited band take to the sound stage for a series of elaborate, passionate and just sloppy enough dance numbers that capture the wholesomesexy vibe of the record perfectly, all while Gia Coppola watches from a control room. The video's presented by Urban Outfitters (ed. note: of course it is), and features an appearance by Samantha Urbani of Friends. Illuminati. Check out the also retro behind-the-scenes photos here.

Blood Orange's Palo Alto soundtrack and new album Cupid Deluxe are both out now via Domino.
Blood Orange — "You're Not Good Enough" (Official Music Video)

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