Washed Out Weightless Music Video

Washed Out’s “Weightless” music video is a slow motion tour of teendom

Love and skateboarding consume sad teens.

- Jun 5, 2014

This Washed Out video knows what 2014's forlorn teens are about. They hate getting out of bed, but they're passionate about skateboarding. Unrequited love consumes them. And they're going to stay young forever thanks to their mandatory stem cell injections, which "Weightless" represents with a lot of slow motion. Plus, look at all that pretty light. Watch it with your kid, watch it if you're a kid, or find a kid and show it to him. It's Chicken Soup for the Tumblr Generation.

Washed Out's new album Paracosm is out now via Sub Pop.
Washed Out - Weightless [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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