Ken Park He Says I'm An Island I Won't Try And Find Him music video

Ken Park tours Toronto in “He Says I’m An Island (I Won’t Try And Find Him)”

Hear a spiralling synth ballad from the former Ostrich Tuning member.

- Jun 5, 2014

In the YouTube description of "He Says I'm An Island (I Won't Try And Find Him)," Ken Park describes the new Lisa Folkerson-directed video as "A love letter to Wong Kar-Wai's 'Happy Together', Megacities and Vaporwave." It's hard to take entirely seriously. There's a slyness to the clip's frayed graphics and upside down city drive, not to mention the lush synth tune's link to the vaporwave's joyful obsolescence. But the interview, however garbled and functionless, lends a human element. So the Berlin-based musician (birth name: Scott Harwood) may be more in sync with his Toronto-ambivalent contemporaries than that summary suggests: despite all your awe and affection for them, the buildings still feel like they're going to fall on top of you.

Ken Park's new album You Think About It Too Much is out July 15 via Daps Records.
KEN PARK - He Says I'm an Island (I Wont Try And Find Him)

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