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Watch Guided By Voices do their best Simon & Garfunkel on “Bad Love Is Easy To Do”

Like so many historic unions, jealousy and shrimp cocktail are their undoing.

- Jun 4, 2014

Had they been born 20 years earlier, Guided By Voices' Pollard & Sprout could have been coffee house kings — one, the Dionysian philosopher; the other, his virtuosic accompany. Here, we see that their bridge over troubled water is out. Like so many historic unions, I'm sure, the duo is disillusioned by a lifestyle rich in shrimp cocktail and is ultimately brought down by jealousy. "Bad Love Is Easy To Do" is the first single off GBV's, like, ten-thousandth record, Cool Planet (out now). Produced by Funny or Die, the video features comedians Brian Huskey, Rob Corddry, and Rich Fulcher as well as Katy Goodman of La Sera and Vivian Girls.

Guided By Voices' Cool Planet is out now.

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