Darq E Freaker Minger Music Video

Darq E Freaker visits Club Satan in “Minger” music video


- Jun 4, 2014

Darq E Freaker is the grime/trap producer who gave Danny Brown the subversive yet EDM crowd-friendly turn up he wanted. Those cats should love "Minger," a solo instrumental that takes a more drastic turn towards hard-edged Ibiza bangers.

The video takes a Satanic view of nightlife: Sally Sibbet directs Darq as he spends an evening (or eternity) in the "Come To Daddy" building's most popping strip club. No hand is empty, whether's it's a dancer with a snake, or a patron discovering some stigmata and maggots that weren't there before. Lots of blood and freaky zoom-ins lend a campy Italo-horror vibe, so you can smile just as maniacally as everyone else.

Darq E Freaker's Minger single is out now via Numbers.
Darq E Freaker - Minger (Out now on Numbers)

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