Alex Calder Mid Life Holiday Music Video

Alex Calder skates and parties through a crisis in “Mid Life Holiday” music video

Watch Montreal's slacker rock free agent get trapped in a Cool Hell.

- Jun 3, 2014

Alex Calder's latest record Strange Days, which he put on Bandcamp for just a dollar last Friday, may not be representative of where the Montreal slack rocker is in 2014: the entire album is comprised of songs that were just lying around for years, released following his recent departure from Captured Tracks. So will his more recent recordings bear the same sort of We Love Life-era Pulp vibes that's all over "Mid Life Holiday?" Perhaps not: in the terrifically silly and vaguely horrifying video, directed with by the always great Pierce McGarry of Walter TV, we get a glimpse of Alex recording using a sampler and getting far more shouty. Around that, he skates and gets ostracized, then flees to a body-swapping, voyeuristic makeout session.

Alex Calder's new album Strange Dreams is out now.
Alex Calder Mid Life Holiday (OFFICIAL VID)

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