mykki blanco she gutta music video

Watch Mykki Blanco’s post-apocalyptic “She Gutta” music video

Drones and gang violence fit nicely into the world of this warped rap song.

- May 29, 2014

Imagine if Strange Days was actually good (or, like, a single Kathryn Bigelow movie was)? Jude MC has a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk feature length film in him. "She Gudda" stars Mykki Blanco at the center of citywide gang violence and anime fandom, cut together like primetime magazine news programs. Faced with the banality of evil in drones and police brutality, Blanco and pals react by having the most fun, by any means necessary.

Mykki Blanco's new album Michael is out this year.
Mykki Blanco - "She Gutta" (Official Video)

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