Fucked Up Sun Glass

Fucked Up eat ice cream in a meadow in summery new “Sun Glass” video

Okay, keepers of "true punk," Fucked Up are just trolling you.

- May 13, 2014

Okay, keepers of "true punk," Fucked Up are just trolling you now. After already pushing the "rules" of hardcore  as far as they can go on their last couple albums (with countless magazine covers and a Polaris Prize to show for it), the Toronto outfit's new video (directed by Andy Capper and Fucked Up guitarist Mike Haliechuk) for "Sun Glass" features the band eating ice cream, chewing bubble gum and spinning flower pinwheels in a meadow, all through the gauziest Instagram filter available.

That meadow may or may not be a cemetary, but the message is already sent. It's time to retire those "Mustard Gas" and "Pink Eyes" monikers: these are now the cuddly punks who pass you a joint and serenade you on acoustic guitar. And you know what? It's still kinda badass.

Fucked Up's new album Glass Boys is out June 3 via Arts & Crafts/Matadorpre-order it here
Fucked Up - "Sun Glass"

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