EMA enters a cyber-punk vortex in her new “Satellites” music video

There are a lot of hands and plants in virtual reality.

- Jan 22, 2014

“Have you ever jacked-in? Have you ever wire-tripped?” Ralph Fiennes had some unintentionally hilarious questions in the campy cyberpunk film  Strange Days. And EMA has some cooler answers in “Satellites,” her new video co-directed with Leif Shackelford. To the tune of her growling new electro-pop style, Erika M. Anderson straps on a headset and gets carried off into a dystopic virtual reality. Other than the part where she gets transformed into pixelled shards, it's a lot like our own world: creepy plants, hands everywhere, and smoke is still very stylish.

EMA's new album The Future's Void is out April 8th via Matador; pre-order here.

EMA - Satellites (Official Video)

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