PREMIERE: Freelove Fenner’s three-part music video / Super 8 spy film, Surveilling The Void

Even spies can be obsolete.

- Jan 20, 2014

Bureaucracy can make anything boring, even espionage. Surveilling The Void is a three-part spy short by Freelove Fenner's Caitlin Loney and Peter Woodford, with songs from the Montreal band's fantastic new album Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner. Fixture Records head / Brave Radar member Tessa Smith plays a young spy, likely drawn into the game with visions of James Bond and M (Judi Dench version), but she instead becomes a minor cog in a useless apparatus, wandering bored and snapping photos. Even the most glamorous careers can have obsolete positions.

The directors gave us a few words on the clips:

“We chanced upon a New York Times archive article written about the KGB during the late-Gorbachev era. By Glasnost, the organization was looking pretty much defanged and aimless. But everyone profiled in the piece came off as being really exceptional and able. And there was mention of a huge number of ‘assets’ being fired or laid off. You can’t put ‘KGB resident spy’ on your CV, can you?

For the video, we had this idea of an agent placed in a strategically unimportant post, given assignments that were essentially busywork. Think of it as a day in the life of disgruntled young spy just going through the motions until she finds the inevitable pink slip in a dead drop.

We shot it on Tri-X Super 8 film with a Nizo and Canon camera. Our friend Tessa, who’s discreet and usually knows what’s what, seemed a natural spy.”

At least now she has more time to spend with that nice cat. Freelove Fenner are playing this Friday, January 24th at Cafe Alt in Ottawa and Saturday, January 25th at The Artel in Kingston. They've also pressed their sold-out EPs Pineapple Hair and In The Bottle Garden to a 12" vinyl; buy it here.

Part 1: “Lash and Brow”

Freelove Fenner "Lash+Brow" Official Video // шпионаже на пустоте (Surveilling The Void) 1/3

Part 2: “JoJo's X-Tal Set”

Freelove Fenner "JoJo's X-Tal Set" Official Video // шпионаже на пустоте (Surveilling The Void) 2/3

Part 3: “Eva”

Freelove Fenner "Eva" Official Video (B&W Super 8) // шпионаже на пустоте (Surveilling The Void) 3/3

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