Watch post-punk band Savages reinterpret Albert Camus’ The Stranger in their new video for “Strife”

A dad spectre tries to kill his young boy on a beach.

- Jan 17, 2014

“Strife” is the inaugural video for what I'll call Savages' new “Recreating Scenes From Books You've Owned For Years But Shamefully Never Read Project.” The band and director Antoine Carlier (who runs Pop Noire records with frontwoman Jehnny Beth) choose to recreate a seaside murder scene from Albert Camus' The Stranger. It depicts a fight to death between a young man and the spectre of his future/dad. That's one interpretation that matches Jehnny Beth's writings on the video posted to her blog, which I will now call The BethBlog:

"We wanted to make a video that focused on a timeless human physicality and physical expression, a search for understanding through the movement, action and reaction of two characters...Either a tale from the past or science-fiction, this is an endless story of human struggle. We see the fragmentation between two generations, a subject of predilection for Savages (ref: ‘I Am Here’ manifesto), where the 'young, intelligent and radical people' live in servitude to established elders.”

The punishing, cold, yet generally hopeless air of the Silence Yourself single serves these themes well, especially since the clip's shot (like most things associated with Savages) in striking black and white. Let's learn to share the beach with the ideals that are trying to kill us, everyone.

Savages' Silence Yourself is out now on Matador.

Savages - "Strife"

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