Watch a hell boss defy gravity in Disclosure's “Grab Her” video (still featuring a J Dilla sample)

A David Brent kind of guy sends his employees scrambling to the ceiling.

- Jan 16, 2014

If hell were ever to update its design past the fire and brimstone thing and into the 21st century, I think most in the clergy and beyond would agree it would look something like a beige office, headed by an obnoxious, sexist middle aged white man. We've all seen The Office, right?

For Disclosure's “Grab Her” video, Emile Sornin reimagines the lake of fire as a 9-to-5, where gravity does not apply but everyone still finds ways to party with important guests from distant lands. And yes, the song does sample J Dilla (their Dilla obsession is well documented, at least here), because the brothers Lawrence love hip-hop as well as the people who make it great.

Disclosure's Settle is out now on Universal Island Records.
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Disclosure - "Grab Her" (Official Video)


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