Video: Cities Aviv reveals sad man jam “Don't Ever Look Back”

The lo-fi rapper wants you to “merge with the void.”

- Jan 15, 2014

Cities Aviv has a new video for “Don't Ever Look Back,” directed by Rimar Villaseñor and starring the keening void that exists within us all. The Come To Life track is a lo-fi workout jam for people who can't get out of bed. Ice cream sandwich lifts, five cycles. Binge-watching Top Chef episodes, thirty four reps. Rinse, repeat and soon you'll have the strength to face the world. Just don't trip over the pizza boxes on the way out.

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Here's the rapper on the video:

“If Come To Life is to be the total mantra, then this piece stands as its title track in that it embodies the personal crossover one must take to step out of one’s self. Merge with the void and don’t ever look back.”

Cities Aviv's Come To Life drops January 28th on Young One Records.


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