Video: Air side project Tomorrow's World goes back to school in “Life On Earth”

A meditation on a tense time.

- Jan 15, 2014

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I've been waiting all day (Month? Year? Life?) for a music video I could describe as “Rodney Dangerfield's Back To School meets Koyaanisqatsi.” And here it is: “Life On Earth” by Tomorrow's World, the baroque dream-pop project of Air's Jean-Benoit Dunckel and New Young Pony Club's Lou Hayter. Thanks, director Olivier Babinet!

The clip dives into all tension that exists in even the dullest moments of your average school, because 99% of them are being controlled by their boiling hormones like body snatchees. Everyone might look more like occupants of a series of classical landscape paintings than you remember, but that's because you weren't in The Rattlers, your school's coolest gang.

Tomorrow's World's self-titled album is out now via Naïve Records.


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