Video: Calgary post-punks Un Blonde conduct a TV seance in “Lord”

A girl enters THE TELLY DIMENSION. It's distressing.

- Jan 14, 2014

Don't look for me to instructions on how to run your own Poltergeist-style TV seance. If you have to ask, you're not ready. But post-punkers Un Blonde have an idea in their video for “Lord.” A distraught looking girl cleaves through the static and channel some channels over layers of trippy translucence. Will she find out where the soul of Enlightened lives now that it's cancelled? Or will she get trapped in a ceaseless limbo of laugh track-free Big Bang Theory episodes? Watch our sleuth at work below.

Un Blonde's Tenet is out February 19th online with physicals to come on Bruised Tongues.

Dream Dictionary Getting Back Together Ex Boyfriend

Un Blonde - Lord from Chelsea Sweetin on Vimeo.


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