Video: Watch the paint-splattered video for “Says” from Nils Frahm

Lovely black and white goo melts to a classical soundtrack.

- Jan 13, 2014

Nils Frahm's “Spaces” gives you the perspective of a chocolate sundae (black and white, obviously) as it gets a variety of sauces poured over its face. Romain Assénat and Ana Silva achieved this highly indulgent narrative effect with “inks on glass and a video-feedback device, captured live without any post-production.” And before you ask: yes, the splatter syncs up pretty well with Frahm's neo-classical synthscape. Sentient dessert and wonderful tunes. In short, the future we were promised.

Nils Frahm's wonderful Spaces is out now on Erased Tapes

Nils Frahm - Says (Official Music Video)


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