Video: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding sober up for “Charlie’s In The Gutter”

A half-eulogy to hedonistic days.

- Jan 13, 2014

The name of Australian jangle pop band Scott & Charlene's Wedding refers to the marriage of two popular characters on Australian soap opera Neighbours (Charlene was played by a pre-superstardom Kylie Minogue). “Charlie's Down In The Gutter” is a bit less glamorous. The summery tune is rooted in a determination to leave partying behind with a storm of good time guitar distortion boosting a half-spoken voice that's tired of being clouded by packs and packs of ciggies. Pat Telfer's video plays like a half-eulogy to those hedonistic days with loads of drunken iPhone recordings and more optimistic (and lovely) shots of a day at the lake.

Scott & Charlene's Wedding's Any Port In A Storm is out now on Fire Records.


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