Video: Wild Beasts release video for new single “Wanderlust,” new album coming soon

Everyone's running from something. Or towards something. Especially Wild Beasts.

- Jan 9, 2014

If I were to start a self-help seminar, I would walk out on stage wearing an all-white suit. I would wait for the rapturous applause to die down, and I would say: Everyone's running from something. Or towards something. Basically, everyone's constantly running in a big metaphor. Wait for applause. There's a lot of running in the Wild Beasts video for “Wanderlust.”

Barcelona collective NYSU directs the cycles of a few lost souls - The Thief, The Good Lady, The Quarterback, The Girl - four out of the possible six kinds of human beings. Their moods follow the song's roughly rising emotional catharsis: The cerebral indie pop band engage frostbitten melodies and an orchestra of GoldenEye 007 N64 patches to coil the tension like barbed wire around a baseball bat, then just stand there, threatened rather than threatening.

Wild Beasts' Present Tense drops February 25th on Domino.

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust (Official Video)

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