Video: Glasser goes to war with her weird house in “Shape”

Even the most ardent roommate dodger needs some fresh air. But what if your room won't let you get it?

- Jan 9, 2014

“My home has no shape/nothing to sustain me/But it keeps me safe from imagined pain.” Mmm, the cold comforts of your room. Glasser understands. Sometimes you need to escape the studio apartment of your own, even if it's just to pick up Thai food. And that's hard. In “Shape,” directed by Jonathan Turner and presented by The Creators Project, the artist Cameron Mesirow finds her exit blocked by her CGI house. The strange shapes it conjures are like The Abyss meets Glasser's previous video. Oh, those devilish interiors. Oh, that devilishly good Interiors, out now on True Panther.

Glasser "Shape" - Official Video


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