Video: The Bicycles send a chat show into a dream state in “Bouncing Off The Bay”

The Toronto bubblegum band sends a chat show into a dream state.

- Jan 9, 2014

If you swallow bubblegum it'll never digest, and if you make bubblegum pop your band will never break up. That's the dubious analogy behind the return of The Bicycles, the Toronto indie fixtures who returned last year with Stop Thinking So Much, their first album after a four year hiatus. Each band member plays a rotating cast of characters in the new video for “Bounding Off The Bay,” wherein a floundering late night chat show (complete with a contortionist and a prop comic) gets some help from the band, with some hypnotizingly sweet tunes and a brief, mindbending speech on dreams from Fred Squire.

The Bicycles' Stop Thinking So Much is out now and hoo boy you can buy it at Bandcamp!

The Bicycles - Bouncing Off the Bay

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