Video: Get fashionable frostbite watching Jef Barbara in “Old Gold & Loose Diamonds”

Fresh snow and weird disco.

- Jan 9, 2014

Not even the cruellest polar vortex can keep Jef Barbara from bringing us all the sultry, skronky R&B feel-goodery we all need around lunchtime. So here's the Jane L. Kasowicz and Minelly Kamemura-directed video for “Old Gold & Loose Diamonds,” a great song title from an album full of them. Watch as the Montreal singer steps into the freezing cold to pose with some icicles, then teleports into some disco-inspired visual realm, which looks far more comfortable.

Jef Barbara's Soft To The Touch is out now via Tricatel/Club Roll. Get it, enjoy it, then come see him headline Silent Shout's stacked show at The Silver Dollar in Toronto, with Lido Pimienta, Nyssa, Bizzarh, and Twist.

Jef Barbara - Old Gold & Loose Diamonds [Official Video]

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