Video: Cass McCombs travels to the end of YouTube/the patriarchy on “Big Wheel”

Smash the system and your internet connection at the same time.

- Jan 6, 2014

Fans of found footage and shoddy entertainment conventions of years past, here's an equation: the default Final Cut Pro font is to the Internet era as crappy screen wipes are to a crate of garage sale VHS tapes. Right? Yes, according to the “Big Wheel” video from Cass McCombs and director Albert Herter, who takes hours worth of zealous YouTube binging and narrates it with that infamous typeface. Song-wise, McCombs turns the Marlboro Man into a Looney Tune, with a vaguely sinister listing of good ol' masculine tropes over country-fried licks.

Cass McCombs' Big Wheel and Others is out now on Domino.

Cass McCombs - Big Wheel (Official Video)

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