Video: Teens watch the world dissolve in “Stolen Moment” from Imre Kiss, enjoy shrimp

I watched the news today, oh boy.

- Dec 20, 2013

In a year of bombastic electronic production, Imre Kiss devised another, more classical means of stealing my attention: quietly, leaning on muted subtlety for big emotional moments. Midnight Wave stands on the outskirts of 2013's damaged techno scene, far enough that a sort of ambience begins to form, muddied by a substrate of four-on-the-floor and other dancey compulsions.

Here's the video for “Stolen Moment,” written and directed by photographers Adél Koleszár and Éva Szombat. For me, it feels like an indictment of “slumming it,” cribbing a cheap imitation of the aesthetic of hopelessness into your life in some search for “realness.” Two girls, walking haute-fashion billboards, sit in a trashed apartment and stare blankly at a news program wordlessly reciting violent crimes, its image as distorted and unreal as the unspeakable horrors being perpetrated. The indifference on their faces reflects a disconnection not just with their surroundings but with anyone else outside the walls. Their torment becomes relevant only when it can aid in the self's search for meaning.

Buy Midnight Wave from Imre Kiss here via Farbwechsel Records. 

Imre Kiss - Stolen Moment [official video]

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