Video: Mas Ysa woos via one-on-one hockey, soulful synth pop in “Why”

Love in the time of slapshots.

- Dec 19, 2013

Hockey provides Canada, an admittedly polite nation, with an acceptable arena for beating the shit out of each other and otherwise venting the more lizardy parts of the brain. And through a dream-like game of one-on-one, Mas Ysa's “Why” video uses the sport to explicate the struggles of a duelling couple. The male hockey player wears a bunch of plaid and jogs through the forest to make it one of the most lovingly Canadian videos of the year, even if it was shot in Woodstock, New York by Mas Ysa (a.k.a. Thomas Arsenault) and Natalia Leite.

Mas Ysa's debut EP Worth is out February 4th via Downtown. He's also playing NXNE.


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