Video: Oneohtrix Point Never surfs a wave of Emojis in “Boring Angel”

Text message cartoons replace language once more.

- Dec 18, 2013

I thought about writing this entire post in Emojis. John Michael Boling can convey the transcendence of Oneohtrix Point Never's digital hosanna “Boring Angel” using the text message cartoons, so surely I can blog in them? But don't underestimate the difficulty: the video strings a series of the text message cartoons together to form an entire human timeline. Until now I've only used them for very oblique flirting (“whats up, chicken/totem pole/moonface”). A bit out of my range then, but let's all enjoy its retina-displayed splendour below, as we wonder when these symbols will enter our realm of speech.

Oneotrix Point Never's R Plus 7 is out now via Warp

Oneohtrix Point Never - Boring Angel

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