Video: Guerilla Toss, “Pink Elephant”

A tale of stolen cars and corporate influence, set to noise rock.

- Dec 17, 2013

Did someone in noise rock outfit Guerilla Toss or video director Heat Wilson get their '94 Honda Civic stolen? 'Cause there's a stewing anger to this “Pink Elephant” video. The clip informs us that the Civic is the most stolen car in the U.S., then scrolls through a ludicrous tale of how Honda stymied any real change to the problem. A good narrative fit for the padded-wall banger, but in a further streak of madness you'll find yourself sympathizing with the cops, who attempted to prevent more stolen cars, only to be drowned by the money and influence. Not so surprising if true, but still enraging in an unspeakable way. Kind of like the song!

Guerilla Toss's Gay Disco is out now on NNA Tapes.

Guerilla Toss "Pink Elephant" , dir. Heat Wilson

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