Video: Majical Cloudz, “Savage”

Devon Welsh takes us through his lyric-writing process.

- Dec 13, 2013

Unless you're a dedicated hand trickster, writing really fast is difficult, even if you're a musician like the ones in Majical Cloudz. Non-Impersonator track “Savage” now has a surprisingly intense lyric video. Devon Welsh cracks open a lyric book and we get his perspective as he tries to keep up with the words as they come. It gets messy. But what is their source? The song? His mind? Is it copying or creation in real time? Whatever the case, these guys don't need emojis to sell us on their emotions. I'll take ten! In the form of all the Majical Cloudz songs on Impersonator, out now on Matador.

Majical Cloudz - Savage

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